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MooObile is a sub-brand of Dynamic Mobile Solutions and has been in existence for more than 5 years.

MooObile is Namibia`s number 1 content provider and provides a variety of fun, light-hearted content and information services.

By simply sms`ing FUN to 5002 you can receive various fun content such as Jokes, Quotes, the Movie schedule at the cinema, the latest Gossip and plenty more. MooObile caters to a variety of your needs, all via the means of a simple SMS. You can even receive the Tides schedule on your cell phone - simply sms TIDE to 5002.

MooObile Love Poems has been so popular since its conception that this year it reached an exciting milestone and celebrated its 1 millionth request for a Love Poem. MooObile is constantly updating the type and quality of content to stay relevant to you and your needs, feel free to contact us with suggestions!

  List of Content Services

sms LOVE to 5002 - to receive a love poem

sms JOKE to 5002 - to receive a joke

sms QUOTE to 5002 - to receive a quote

sms GOSSIP to 5002 - to receive the lastest celeb gossip

sms MOVIE to 5002 - to receive the movie schedule from Ster Kinekor at Maerua Mall and The Grove Mall , Windhoek, Namibia

sms PICKUP to 5002 - to receive a pickup line

sms TIDES to 5002 - to receive the tide information

sms SPORT to 5002 - to receive the latest sport results