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  • Who is DMS, and what do we do?

    DMS is a specialist facilitator of all Mobile Communication Technology activities that has to do with SMS, USSD and Mobile Apps. As the market leader, with years of experience and client insight, we have developed various products to meet our clients` needs, and to compete on the world stage of mobile comms tech service providers.
    We boast with the most up to date technology, and programmers who have written our own software. Meaning that what ever you might need, we`ll provide it, and its Proudly Namibian.
    Our dynamic sales team will determine your business`s needs on our first meeting. Second, we will propose how you can incorporate mobile comms tech into your business, and thirdly, assist you with the implementation thereof.

  • How can you use mobile comms tech in your business?

    All businesses communicate, intentionally or unintentionally. DMS provides you with an additional, cost saving, direct communication medium to reach your audience immediately with 100% effectiveness.
    Mobile Comms Tech can be used to:
    □ Create brand awareness and sustain visibility in your market;
    □ Drive sales and can be measured; mobile comms has a direct impact on your sales figures; for example, you would sent a bulk SMS just before your sale starts, you can be assured that at least 60% of people will respond to your SMS in some way, whether it is to tell a friend or visit your shop them selves;
    □ Sharing of information, whether it is with your staff or clients and customers. Perhaps your new closing and opening times, a sale that is happening, please collect your children at such and such a time at school, meeting reminders, etc;
    □ Competitions; no more entry forms, no more admin;
    □ Anonymous comment line for staff who would like to share something with management but is afraid they will be ridiculed;
    □ General Comment line for your clients and customers; asking questions or need information of any kind;
  • Who can make use of mobile comms technology?

    If you have clients, customers, staff or community members, our tech will enhance your organization. Our clients range from individual business to corporates, across all industries, every possible organization can make use of our services.

  • What is a short code and sender id?

    A Short Code is a 5 digit number that is charged at a premium rate of between 40c and N$50 that customers can SMS to, e.g. 5001 or 5003. We can assist you with shared short codes, or exclusive short codes for your use only.

    A Sender ID is applicable to our mobile app, myGateway, and can be any name or words of your choice, up to 20 charcacters.

  • What is an aggregator?

    An aggregator is an approved company appointed by the network operators that provide services making it possible for customers to SMS to a short code or send out bulk SMS. An aggregator also has all the IT systems in place to facilitate such a process.

  • What is keyword

    A keyword is a specific word a customer texts that is used to identify their request, e.g. a customer SMSes `win` and we know they are entering a promotion, or they SMS `bible` and we know they would like a bible verse.

  • Will I need to buy software to use the service?

    Not at all. Our services are completely web based and can be accessed any where from your cell phone or computer, as long as you have your username and password, and have internet access. We even provide you with training on how to get the most out of what we have to offer. Our myGateway mobile app is available on both Play Store and App Store.

  • Do I deal with all 2 networks to get a short code?

    No. DMS does. DMS facilitates the connections to all network operators, worldwide.

  • How does the billing work?

    Depending on what type of package you signed up for, and what service you want to host, we will provide you with the details of all messages received and sent at month end, at which point you will be billed, and/or revenue paid, if applicable.

  • Which countries/networks do you cover?

    We cover all Namibian operators, as well as over 200 countries and territories world-wide.

Kashifa De Beer
Office: +264 61 250 576
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