Social Responsibility

As an organization, we are committed to activities that facilitate upliftment of the communities that surrounds us. Since DMS opened our doors we have been involved in various Social Responsibility projects. Below are a few:

Winter Knights with Round Table

On a very cold morning in the middle of winter, MooObile set sail to help the Winter Knights of the Round Table raise funds for their charity initiative. We handed out flyers and collected money from motorists.

Race for a Smile

Race for a smile was an initiative undertaken by Synergy Seminars. The business community to Namibia all came together to sponsor a treasure hurt. Companies took part to solve clues and made a day of it, great team building efforts. DMS set sail with our promotion girls to promote MoooObile and support a valuable course while doing that.

4444 Crime Line

Together with the business community of Windhoek, DMS took hands in fighting crime by sponsoring the 4444 Crime Line. An initiative we are most proud of.

Welwitchcia 213 Round Table

Charlene Benjamin, Marketing Manager of Dynamic Mobile Solutions handing over a sponsorship of N$5 000 to Jason van Wyk, vice chairman of Welwitchcia 213 Round Table for a project run by Welwitchia. For enquiries or to get involved in Round Table please contact Fabian Tait at 081 128 7766.

Lend a Hand 2010

Miss. Benjamin, Marketing Manager of Dynamic Mobile Solution hands over a donation to Mrs. Angermund, Chairperson of Lend a Hand Foundation.

Lend a Hand Foundation is a registered welfare organization functioning in the Rehoboth area. Their main objective is to assist and care for the elderly and vulnerable children.

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Ms. Sonia Angermund at 0812429233 or Vonney at 0812959083.

Mooobile support the NMC Walk4Wheel

The Civics netball team received a sponsorship from Mooobile to take part in the NMC Walk4Wheel event on the 13th March 2010. This is an NMC annual initiative which is aimed at raising funds for fellow Namibians without medical aid, in support of the need for wheelchairs.

Hundreds of people from the business fraternity and their dogs took part in the event. Mooobile believes in investing in people by supporting the needy in any way they can; `Acting in an ethical way is not only the right thing to do - it also unlocks new ways for us to do business better.`

In the picture
Front line: Uauanisa Kariahuua, Desiree Cloete, Rutanga Hengua,Operi Kaumbi Backline: Vehonga Katjatako, Druscilla Kambirongo,Jatjinda Kambatuku,Mannethe Muvangua

Lend a Hand

In May 2009, we supported the Lend a Hand social club, based in RHB. Lend a Hand Social Club is run by volunteers from the community seeking to raise funds to help the elderly and vulnerable children in their community. DMS pledged funds towards their 30 May cultural evening.

Cancer Care Namibia Fund

DMS sponsored an SMS line to non-profit organization, the Cancer Care Namibia Fund. Via the SMS system they raised funds for the association to the value of N$2500.

DMS donated N$ 2,500 to the Cancer Care Namibia Fund. The handover was done to Mr Bruce Salt who serve on the CCNF board.

Namcol 2010/2011

Nina Katangana handing over prizes sponsored by DMS to students of Namcol who excelled during the 2010/2011 Academic year. Every year Namcol recognises and congratulates their best students with prizes that contribute to their academic future for the following year. DMS is privileged to be a yearly sponsor of this event.

Royal Family Kids Camps

DMS donated N$5,000 to the Royal Family Kids Camps. RFKC is an organization with the very worthy cause of arranging picnics and camps for neglected and abused children, sadly including extreme physical abuse and rape/molestation. Amongst other activities these outings also includes counselling. Handover was done to Mrs Charlene Uakuramenua of the RFKC.


Tana Pesat on behalf of DMS makes a contribution of N$10 000 to NOAH.

Namibian Examinations Board

Nina Katangana delivering a speech on behalf of DMS as a sponsor to the annual award ceremony for grade 10`s and 12`s hosted by the Namibian Examinations Board and the Ministry of Education. A national prize giving ceremony is held in Windhoek where students who excelled in their exams from all regions are recognised.

Winter Knights 2012

Nina Katangana on behalf of Dynamic Mobile Solutions doing a donation handover of N$5,000 to the "Winter Knights" initiative of the Round Table.

DMS has been a sponsor of the Round Table for many years and supports their endeavours. Here to receive the donation on behalf of the chairman of the Round Table, Mr Tega Shiimi.

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