Benefits of mobile marketing
What is Mobile Marketing?

According to Alex Michael and Ben Slater in their book, `Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage through Wireless Technology`, it is defined as `The use of the mobile medium as a communications and entertainment channel between a brand and an end user. This is the only personal channel enabling spontaneous, direct, interactive and/or targeted communications any time, any place`.

  • Mobile marketing triggers immediate consumer responses;
  • Customers can respond directly via SMS;
  • Responses can be tracked for effectiveness;
  • Clients will get a clear indication of how the marketing budget is spent and how it is converted into sales;
  • Create brand awareness;
  • Cheaper than conventional marketing and direct to your target market.

Interesting Facts about SMS Marketing

  • 95% of SMSes are read within 15 min of receiving them;
  • Less then 10% of SMSes sent are spam;
  • A business lead is generated every 5 min with the use of SMS Marketing;
  • With SMS marketing, brand recall is the highest. 96% remember a call to action from an SMS;
  • It is the only marketing media that reaches the customer that is on the go;
  • It is 5 times more effective then online marketing;
  • SMS Marketing has much less media competition, online and e-mail is too crowded;
Never before has anything so young been so effective in such a short period of time and it keeps getting better.

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